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43-45 Nerang Street, Southport, Queensland, 4215 AUS

T: 1300 011 750

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I share a membership?

    Coworking memberships are similar to gym memberships. They are only valid for one person to use. The good news is, our memberships are super flexible, so we typically find a solution for custom options your business may require.

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    Are meeting rooms unlimited?

    Meeting rooms can be booked through reception and are limited to 2 hours per meeting, depending on availability. Rooms can be booked longer if required, but it is important we ensure everyone has access to the facilities. With four professional meeting spaces, there is generally somewhere available. 

    Can I work on weekends?

    Old Station coworking is 24/7 for full time and private office members. Part time members can use the space unlimited between 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Part time members have access to meeting rooms for two hours per day, full time and private office use is unlimted.

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    Professional Facilities

    We have all the professional facilities your business needs to thrive and grow. We cater with reception, meeting rooms, kitchens, break out collaboration spaces, printing, end of trip, wellness and hospitality. 

    Business Community

    Working alone sucks. Finding a business community to network, share success and grow is vital for SME, freelance and startups. Our community is committed to supporting each other socially and professionally. 

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